Spotlight: Dixon Coffee Company

July 15, 2015

I thought I would use this as an opportunity to feature some of the locations that carry our AMAZING product! (I'm not biased or IS amazing!) I'm starting with Dixon Coffee Company of Rapid City, SD.


I first went to Dixon because the owner, Kayleigh Dixon, is related to one of my husband's coworkers and I completely fell in love.  With the coffee.  And the people.  First off, their lattes are so wonderful.  They are constantly experimenting and coming up with my "new favorite".  They try to use mostly organic, fair-trade, natural products which is right up my alley!  All the baristas quickly learned who I was and my preferred beverage (possibly due to frequency of visits, but still!).  Also, my two kids KNOW that if Momma stops for coffee that they get a treat of a cup of whipped cream with sprinkles!  Lastly, Kayleigh was so encouraging with the start of our business that it gave me the motivation I needed to take the leap and start "She's Nuts!".  So, you can thank her in part for your addiction to our nut butters.


I had a chance to catch up with Kayleigh and ask her a few things that might interest you about Dixon Coffee Company:


Kari: What made you want to open your own coffee shop?

Kayleigh: I have a passion for people and for coffee!  I worked with coffee for many years (not saying how many!) and I wanted to just take it back to the roots using quality ingredients (e.g. organic, fair-trade).  I wanted to bring better products and better service to our community.  


Kari: Why the focus on the organic and natural products?  Surely it must be less expensive to use non-organic.

Kayleigh: It is a big difference in cost to use organic products, but I truly believe that better ingredients make a better product.  Plus, we try to use mostly organic and natural products at home, so that extends naturally into our business.  


Kari: Future plans?

Kayleigh: Unsure at this point.  Just kind of seeing where our path take us!  


Kari: Favorite coffee/tea drink?

Kayleigh: No favorite in particular.  It changes almost daily, however, I am enjoying the Chung Mao (a cold coffee/tea mixture that is amazing! - Kari) and Americanos.  


Kari: Favorite way to use our nut butters?

Kayleigh: I mostly like to bake with it!  I recently made cookies with avocado, honey, and the organic almond butter.  They were amazing!  Also, the Vanilla Espresso Almond Pecan made with Dixon Coffee is pretty darn good too. :)  


Thanks for interview Kayleigh!  Stop by Dixon for your next coffee!  You can have an almond milk latte made with She's Nuts! Organic Almond Butter and pick up a half-pint of any of our delicious flavors.


Dixon Coffee Company is located at 915 Omaha St in Rapid City, SD.  It is the cute coffee hut in the parking lot of Knecht's Home Center.

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