"We decided to start making nut butters after our daughter's peanut allergy made us give up our peanut butter habit.  We tried a bunch of different companies and didn't find any that we loved...until we made our own!  Our nut butter contains minimal ingredients and low-to-no sugar and most are Whole30 and Paleo compliant.  Trust me though...you won't miss the sugar!  Our nut butters are rich and creamy and so satisfying you'll want to eat them with a spoon!"


 - Kari and Sean



Kari is a fitness junkie who loves to dabble in all forms of exercise, enjoys learning about nutrition, and experimenting in cooking.  She is mom to two awesome kids, Kilian and Addison. Her husband, Sean, is a huge support in their endeavor with She's Nuts!  Our family recently just took a leap of faith and relocated to St. Augustine, FL!  While we will always be South Dakotans at heart, we are loving our new community and look forward to provide everyone here with delicious nut butters!